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Maryland Greenhouse Growers Association

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The Maryland Greenhouse Growers Association (MGGA) is a non-profit membership organization established in 1970. Today, MGGA is comprised of 120 "green industry" members in private horticultural business, industry, government, private and public gardens, education, and research.

MGGA serves businesses, government, and individuals who represent the second largest agricultural cash commodity in Maryland.

MGGA is dedicated to serving its members by promoting the general interest of growers of greenhouse crops, ornamental crops, and cut flowers in Maryland and the surrounding states by:
  • Organizing seminars and tours for the purpose of information exchange and providing business opportunities
  • Disseminating technical and marketing horticultural information through MGGAs monthly publication HORTFLASH
  • Supporting and promoting University of Maryland agricultural research
  • Offering horticultural business and services directory information
  • Encouraging horticulture through education by providing scholarships to colleges in the state of Maryland
  • Working with other green industry organizations for the betterment of the industry
  • Advancing and representing green industry interests in the Maryland legislative arena
  • Educating its members about Marylands legislative process and keeping them informed on issues impacting the horticultural community

MGGA monitors and supports or opposes legislation impacting the horticultural business and education communities in Maryland. MGGA and its members are concerned about:
  • Developing positive relations with legislators through our legislative representatives and our grassroots network of industry representatives
  • Advancing legislative confidence and awareness in the green industry as a resource in issues that concern the Maryland horticultural industry
  • Creating environmental and public safety legislation that impacts our businesses and our environment in a proactive manner
  • Preserving state and county support for education in the areas of agriculture and horticulture
  • Encouraging accurate legislative and executive disclosure of regulations in a manner and language that considers the impact on affected businesses

Need more information? Our membership brochure may answer your questions.

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MGGA also is Fun! We sponsor many fundraising events throughout the year to help support our efforts for doing all the above.

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